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Energy Management Standard (ISO 50001)
Advance Global Consultancy (AGC) (ISO 20000)


Since publication of ISO 50001 last year, implementation and certification to ISO’s new energy management standard is gaining pace around the world. Statistics to the end of January 2012 (compiled by Reinhard Peglau, Senior Scientific Officer on Environmental Management at the German Federal Environment Agency), indicated that about 100 organizations in 26 countries had already achieved certification, and are reaping the benefits in increased energy efficiency, reduced costs and improved energy performance.


ISO 50001:2011, Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, is a new voluntary International Standard that establishes a framework for large and small industrial plants and commercial, institutional and government facilities to improve the way they manage energy.


Improved energy performance can provide rapid benefits for an organization by maximizing the use of its energy resources and energy-related assets, thus reducing both energy cost and consumption.


But is ISO 50001 really living up to the bold claims made for it ? ISO Focus+ decided to find out by asking four early ISO 50001 adopters to report on the measurable effects of ISO 50001 implementation. The organizations were selected from four very different sectors – a drinks manufacturer, a shipping line, a hotel, and a university campus – to ascertain if all were achieving energy saving benefits.


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IS0 50001 On Fire

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